Noble Metal Nanoparticles

Noble Metal Materials

Noble Metal Nanoparticles

Shape and size dependent properties of metal nanoparticles serve immense application possibilities. Noble metal nanomaterials, in particular, are enjoying the well-deserved attention steaming from their unique properties that make them desirable for applications such as surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy, catalysis and cancer therapy. Surface of the noble metal nanoparticles also plays an important role on enhancing particles’ functionalities and controlling the properties (e.g. reactivity, stability, electronic structures, etc.) to fit to a particular application. Therefore, possibilities of chemical modification of the nanoparticle surface lead to development of new research fields where the functionalized particles can be used in construction of super lattices, targeted drug delivery, therapeutic agents in cancer imaging, etc.

Our research focus on optimizing synthesis and structure of anisotropic shaped noble metal nanoparticles, developing new techniques for synthesizing new nanostructures and investigating their applications in nanotechnology.

Our Articles

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